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Big Data

Put Your Data to Work

Data is the most valuable currency in the idea economy, where ideas that hit the market the fastest—win. Big data done right extracts value immediately to make customers happy, inform big decisions quickly, and find the waste and risk that should be eliminated first. When big data becomes business practice, the experiment ends and the experience wins. The data-driven organization best accomplishes continuous improvement and is most capable of planning for success with predictive power.

Leading Big Data Platforms and Innovation

For the Data-driven Developer

Use Hadoop for your data lake to capture and discover the vital information. Then, boost analytical performance on HPE Vertica, with options for interactive, real-time analytics on the Hadoop platform, as well as SQL Analytics for petabyte-scale insights—right now.

And, HPE IDOL software provides a single environment for structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. Employ hybrid analytics leveraging statistical techniques and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to detect concepts, patterns, trends and relationships

It’s all part of HPE Haven On Demand running on HPE Helion cloud, and puts developers on the fast track to data-driven insights. Developer-friendly APIs and advanced analytics enable you to create next-gen apps and services through a suite of cloud capabilities that you’ll have up and running in minutes.

àLearn How HPE Haven OnDemand Turns 100% of Data into Action


We focus on storing, exploring, governing, protecting and serving information and insights that fundamentally improve the outcomes of your businesses, your people and theenvironment. We determine the right hardware solution and deploy that hardware anywhere in the world.


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